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Each visitor of Lebanese Coctail Bar & Grill Samir will feel
not only for entertainment like the member of one family or close friend, because in this original Lebanese restaurant he can receive an unusual experience, what is not providing in Slovakia an every day. After entering the Lebanese Coctail Bar & Grill Samir we will immediately transmit to the tale scenes of a thousand and one (Arabic) night. The interior of the dining room and its decoration were imported directly from the Arabic world. The difficult Arabic works of art show the enormous possibilities of ancient Arabic culture. And therefore there are inside the restaurant as interesting decoration as an antique coffee mill and the original water pipes. Our Arabic chefs will reinforce this experience with you with their specialties. If you can not afford a trip to the Middle East, let bring Lebanese Coctail Bar & Grill Samir the taste and atmosphere of the distant Arabia to you. Lebanese Coctail Bar & Grill Samir cordially invites you to survive on your own skin the unique atmosphere of fairy tales from a thousand and one nights. Believe that after tasting our Arabic specialties will be a fairy tale illusion more than perfect.

In the Lebanese Coctail Bar & Grill Samir are available the following areas for you:

  • Non-smoking room
  • Smoking room
  • Summer terrace

These premises are separate and suitable for all kinds of family celebrations, friendships and working evenings.
Dear Customers, than we promise we opened new places in which we offer our delicious appetizers. They are located on Franciscan Square No.7 and their name is "Lebanon Restaurant Samir". Our site will be gradually updated. We look forward to meeting you!

Saint Valentine's Day

We invite you to celebrate Saint Valentine's Day - the day to celebrate love. We accept your reservation by phone: +421 2 52623340, respectively e-mail address: info@samir.sk and as an expression of our gratitude for your trust to provide you with a discount of 20%!

Sample of non-smoking room

Sample of non-smoking room

Sample of smoking room
Sample of the terrace - smoking room

We are open daily from 11 am. within 10 pm. Accepted credit cards and ticket restaurant.

Lebanese Cuisine

The Lebanese cuisine roots dating back to the nomadic way of life of Arabs. Nomadic tribes could use only a meal fit for transport, especially as rice and woodpeckers. How the parks migrated through the areas of the Middle East, they were discover a new ingredients and new types of vegetables, which they are integrated to the previously existing track of theirs cuisine. An each new discovery was incorporated in the required quantity to the food according to taste of various tribes and environmental opportunities. That is the fact that many of chefs explain as the cause of differences, typical for some of Arabic dishes today.


The effect of nomadic Bedouins are manifested in other kitchens of the Arabic world, particularly in the Syrian, Lebanese, Palestinian and Egyptian, and the result is a rich diversity of culture dishes and drinks. Lebanese cuisine
most influenced modern cuisine Middle Eastern countries, not least thanks to commercial activities of Lebanese who have helped to extend the Arabic kitchen into the whole world.



Hospitality is not in the Arabic world, in any case secondary and elsewhere is not as evident as in the old ordinance given to each guest a cup of coffee or freshly cooked minty tea. Arabic food can compete with any international cuisine thanks to its originality and excellent taste, because it consists of simple and natural foods.

Home Specialty

As the appetizer menu, you can choose from our 11 species of mezza, which is an easy appetizer that famous Arabic cuisine. Hommos is although known throughout the world, but we must not forget either the great moutabal - puree of eggplant zested with garlic and sesame sauce. All of the Mezza are served with tray of fresh roasted rounded Arabic bread (pita).

The main meal you can choose from specialties consisting of chicken, veal and lamb, fish. All meals and salads are prepared by Arabic chefs always from fresh raw materials. Your gourmet feasts will be properly finish with the original Arabic coffee, which is freshly mincing just before cooking. Lebanese Coctail Bar & Grill Samir surely tempt you to the delicacy of this famous restaurant - the perfect dessert katayef and baklawa.


DINNER PARTY: We are pleased to offer you the meals and services so that we inducing for you an evening of peace and quiet. ANNIVERSARY is being celebrated: Lebanese Coctail Bar & Grill Samir can prepare for you the annual celebration with natural professionalism and consistency, so that your memories of the anniversary is still returning to a beautiful moment that you have an opportunity to live with us.

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